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Happily married for nine years and raising my six-year-old son, I currently reside in Orange County, California.


Martin Papp

General Partner of the Nova Haus | Owner of PAPP'S TEA


After graduating from St. Lawrence University, I had the opportunity to tour around China for several years as a performing artist in my 20s.

I performed on national television and made dozens of appearances on talk shows, entertainment programs, and concert performances.

Success in


Five years into my journey in China, I decided to found my own business. I am one of the very few Americans to have successfully started a company in mainland China and acquired institutional venture capital from a Shanghai VC firm, BitsxBites.

I built a modern all natural tea brand for domestic consumers called PAPP'S TEA and constructed multiple brick and mortar retail stores.


10 years running

Currently PAPP'S TEA products are sold in over 400+ locations across mainland China.  Products include loose leaf teas, tea bags, tea accessories and bottled tea beverages such as kombucha


I ran and managed PAPP'S TEA as CEO for several years, opening multiple retail stores and cafes from 2016 to 2019.  Since 2020, I have passed day-to-day operations to my team and currently direct operations remotely as Chairman.

Short Term Rentals

in China

I embarked on diversifying my investment portfolio by venturing into global real estate. Our initial focus was on acquiring properties, commencing with ventures in China, where we strategically engaged in short-term rental opportunities

Luxury Property Construction

We began building our own properties. This property in West Hollywood we completely rebuilt from the foundation up into a modern villa. Here I gained valuable hands on experience from design, permitting, working with contractors, sub contractors, and interior design.

The STR markets in Thailand and cost to build are very appealing. It’s hooked me on the path of developing more properties in emerging markets. I am fully committed to experiencing life in full appreciation of the process and not just the result.  I absolutely love integrating my interests of culture, architecture, and wealth creation into my work at The Nova Haus.

Overseas Rental Properties

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